Give Accurate Pricing with the House Cleaning Estimate Calculator App!

Start giving estimates with MaidGrow free for 14-days, then just $19/month. Cancel at any time in your subscription settings.


Start giving pricing estimates with the MaidGrow app!

MaidGrow is an easier way to give accurate house cleaning estimates so you can charge more and beat out the competition.

Charge More

Charge More

In order to charge more for house cleaning you need to know exactly how much to charge.

MaidGrow will help you come up with accurate pricing which will allow you to be competitive and help you to make a profit and not leave money on the table.

Save Time

Save Time

Time is of the essence when running your own business. The cost calculator will help you to get cleaning jobs right away!

MaidGrow will give you back the time you need for marketing and landing new customers.

Sound Professional

Sound Professional

The way potential customers perceive you is a big reason they will decide to go with your services.

The MaidGrow app allows you to look more professional which will develop trust with your customer and help you to win more cleaning jobs.


All the features that save you time.

Everything that you need to give an accurate pricing quote is included.


Enter Customer Details

Get off on the right foot by screening your potential customer.

Collect important customer information

  • Includes all of the information you would need from a customer when giving an estimate.

Select type or frequency of cleaning

  • From one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, spring-deep, and move-in/out.

Customer notes section

  • Include any important information or requests in the customer notes sections.

Select Areas to Be Cleaned

Simply click the areas of the customer’s home or the areas they want cleaned.

Only select areas to be cleaned

  • Use the dropdowns to select only the areas that your customer wants cleaned.

Pre-set & pre-populated cleaning times

  • Comes with default cleaning times or you can use your own.

Includes times for carpet and hard floors

  • Select carpet or hardwoods from the dropdowns to be even more accurate with your estimate.

Select Add-ons

Get more revenue per cleaning with add-ons.

Preset add-on cleaning times

  • Each add-on comes with pre-set cleaning times, or you can use your own.

Add multiple items

  • Easily select additional quantities from the dropdowns for linens, furniture, inside fridge, etc.

Add an additional add-on not listed

  • For additional add-ons, simply add the extra time it will take in the empty cell.

Estimates & Cleaning Times

Estimates and cleaning times are automatically calculated.

Cleaning times & estimates

  • Cleaning times and estimates for each job type and frequency are automatically calculated.

Schedule cleaning service

  • Select the customers preferred cleaning day and time within the app.

Payment method & customer entry

  • Select customers preferred payment type and jot down entry instructions into the customers home.

Save & Store Estimates

Save and store all of your estimates for easy reference.

Store past estimates in one location

  • Each estimate you create is saved in one convenient location within the app.

Edit customer estimate

  • Easily add or remove areas to be cleaned within the estimate.

Easily recalculate estimate

  • The customers estimate will automatically calculate to reflect the edits you made.

Cleaning Time Modifications

Default cleaning times, additional time multipliers, hourly rate, and number of cleaners can be changed to fit your needs.

Adjust default cleaning times

  • Edit the default cleaning times for each area with your personal cleaning times.

Add your hourly rate

  • Change the default hourly rate of $30 per hour to the hourly rate you charge.

Add number of cleaners

  • Easily add a preset number of cleaners you send out on each job within the settings or estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! MaidGrow comes with a 14-day free trial. You will only be billed $19/mo after your 14-day trial if you choose not to cancel.
Certainly! You can cancel at any time in your web app settings by clicking subscription>then clicking the cancel subscription button.
We ask for your credit card information to prevent fraud and so that you don’t experience any interruption in your subscription.
Yes! If you cancel your account within the first 30 days, and you would like a refund, please let us know and we’ll happily issue you a refund.
Yes, we now have a Apple App Store iPhone and iPad app as well as a Google Play Store Android app.

Give Accurate Quotes with the House Cleaning Cost Estimate Calculator App!

Start giving estimates with MaidGrow free for 14-days, then just $19/month. Cancel at any time in your subscription settings.