350+ Cleaning Company Names 2023 (Unused, Unique, Classy)

Cleaning Company Names

It looks like you’re ready to take the cleaning world by storm with your brand-spanking new cleaning business. You’ve got the plan and you’ve got the drive, but what do you have for a name? You’ve been searching high and low but all you can find are cleaning company names that sound like they were scrubbed with a dirty rag. Now what?

You don’t need to wash your hands of this just yet. It’s time to put on your detective gloves and crack this naming case. A name is like a first impression, it sets the tone for your business and can either make or break your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a name that’s not only catchy but also classy.

We’ve put together a list of over 350 catchy cleaning business names, all unused, unique, and classy. We’ll also give you valuable insights on what makes a great cleaning business name and how to properly register it. 

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have some great name ideas that will give your business a fresh and sophisticated image and know how you should select one for your cleaning service.

What Makes A Cleaning Business Name Stand Out?

Cleaning Company Names - Attributes of a Great Company Name

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Creating a successful cleaning business requires more than just providing top-notch services; it also requires a strong and memorable brand identity, starting with the business name. A well-thought-out business name can make all the difference in attracting customers, standing out from competitors, and establishing a lasting brand. 

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a cleaning business name:

I. Relevance

The name of a cleaning business should accurately reflect the services it provides. A relevant cleaning services name will help customers understand the nature of the business and what it offers.

II. Memorability

A memorable name can make it easier for customers to recall the business and recommend it to others. Having a distinctive, memorable, and easy-to-recall name will differentiate a business from its competitors and establish a more recognizable brand identity.

III. Spelling

It will be easier for customers to find the business online and recommend it to others if the name is straightforward in spelling. Too complicated or difficult-to-spell names can confuse customers and make it harder for them to remember the business.

IV. Pronunciation

An easy-to-pronounce company name is essential for a cleaning service that relies on word-of-mouth referrals. On the other hand, a name that is difficult to say or spell correctly can create confusion and hinder the growth of the business.

V. Availability

Before settling on a name, ensure that another business or trademark hasn’t already claimed it. This can prevent legal issues and ensure that the cleaning business has a unique identity. It’s also important to check the availability of the name as a domain name and social media handle.

VI. Branding

The cleaning business name should fit the brand image the business wants to create. For a cleaning business that wants to create a lighthearted brand, a playful and fun name can work well. On the other hand, for a cleaning business that wants to convey a serious and dependable, a more professional name can work well.

VII. Unique

A unique business name can help the business stand out and create a memorable brand. An unused cleaning company name can make it easier for the industry to establish a solid online presence and brand identity.

VIII. Location

The name should be relevant to the location where the business operates. For example, if the business operates in a specific city, the name could include the city’s name to differentiate the business from competitors and make it easier for local customers to find the business. For instance, if you are based out of Chicago and decide to name your company Clean & Green LLC, it might not be that relevant to the local market. 

On the other hand, changing it to Chicago Clean & Green LLC will immediately increase the visibility and recognition of your business among local residents and businesses.

Now that we are familiar with the elements that make a unique cleaning company name, it’s time to explore some creative name ideas for your cleaning services.

351 Unused Cleaning Business Name Ideas You Can Use For Your Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company Names - Importance of good company name

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We’ve created a collection of possible cleaning business names you can use as a starting point. Before settling on a name, check its availability in your area and ensure that it aligns with your brand vision and values.

Catchy Cleaning Company Names

  1. Clean Sweepers
  2. Dust Busters Cleaning Services
  3. Sparkle & Shine
  4. Tidy Touch
  5. The Clean Team
  6. The Sanitation Squad
  7. Spotless Solutions
  8. The Neat Freaks
  9. Dustless Dreams
  10. Clean Break
  11. A Touch of Clean
  12. The Clean Scene
  13. Clean Living
  14. Dustyless Delight
  15. Clean House
  16. Clean Cuts
  17. Clean Vision
  18. Clean Dreams
  19. Clean Scene
  20. Discreet Maid Services
  21. Clean Getaway
  22. Clean Flow
  23. Clean Roster
  24. Clean Clutter
  25. Clean Crew
  26. Clean Reserve
  27. Sparkle Squad
  28. Dustless Drive
  29. Radiant Results
  30. Tidy Trends
  31. Scrub Squad
  32. Sparkle Service
  33. Spotless Society
  34. Dustless Delight
  35. Clean Cottage
  36. Bright & Beautiful
  37. Clean Start Maid Service
  38. Clean Machine
  39. Clean Express
  40. Bright Cleaning Services
  41. Clean Crusade
  42. Clean Queen
  43. Clean Genius
  44. Glass House Cleaners
  45. Clean Connection
  46. Clean Power
  47. Clean Palace
  48. Sanitized Spaces
  49. Neat Nook
  50. Dustless Domain
  51. Tidy Terrace
  52. Polished Palace
  53. Shimmering Solutions
  54. Pristine Paradise
  55. Clean Sweep
  56. Immaculate Interiors
  57. Dust-Free Dream
  58. Refreshing Results
  59. Sanitary Solutions
  60. Tidy Touchdown
  61. Clean Perfection
  62. Clean Focus
  63. Deeper Clean Maid Service
  64. Clean Horizon
  65. Clean Escape
  66. Clean Grace
  67. The Goodly Work
  68. We Clear
  69. Clean Canvas
  70. The Clean Coop

Unique Business Names For Cleaning Companies

  1. Dust-B-Gone
  2. Radiant Roster
  3. Scrub Squadrons
  4. Sparkling Surfaces
  5. Pristine Polishers
  6. Tidy Takeover
  7. Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  8. Dustless Dynamics
  9. Sanitized Squad
  10. Bright Home Cleaning Services
  11. Neat & Tidy Maid Service
  12. Cleaning Bee
  13. Spotless Specialists
  14. Radiant Rise Services
  15. Cleaning Fairies
  16. Cleanse and Clean
  17. I Love Clean
  18. Cleaning Services Utopia
  19. The Cleaning Corps
  20. Dust-Free Dynamics
  21. Magical Maids
  22. Reality Source Cleaning Solutions
  23. Shaker Just Rite Cleaners
  24. Hags with Rags
  25. Housekeeper Plus
  26. Caring House Cleaning
  27. Romeo Cleaners
  28. Comfortable Building
  29. Dirt Cleaners
  30. Cleaning Services Up
  31. Cleanly Cleaning
  32. Cleaners for Life
  33. Cleaners Dream
  34. Fragrant Finishing
  35. Nitty Gritty
  36. House Maid
  37. A Cleaner Home
  38. Dumpster Clean
  39. The Alimentary Cleanup
  40. Housekeepin’
  41. Cleaning Services Official
  42. Serve Your Community Clean
  43. Hustler Cleaning Services
  44. Wise Cleaners
  45. Well Handling
  46. The Cleaning Guru
  47. The Best Cleaning Company
  48. Clean by Day
  49. The Cleaning Shop
  50. Cleaning Services Me
  51. Cleaning Services Warriors
  52. Glamourous Cleaning
  53. Cleaning Services Line
  54. Perceptive Cleaning Services
  55. Pragmatic Work
  56. Cleaning Services Age
  57. Cleaning Services Art
  58. The Fragrant Cleanup
  59. Cleaning Services Innovations
  60. Respectable Cleanup
  61. Fresh Finishing
  62. Cleaning Services Ist
  63. Cleaning Services Club
  64. Cleaning Care Services
  65. Cleaning Services Land
  66. Well Washing
  67. Cleaning Services Nation
  68. The Sheeny Cleaning
  69. Maid 2 Order
  70. Maid Brigade

Clever Names For Cleaning Service Providers

Cleaning Company Names - Dos and donts of cleaning company names

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When choosing a name for your cleaning business, it’s essential to consider the ease of pronunciation and memorability for your potential clients. To test the pronunciation, try saying the name out loud and see if it rolls off the tongue easily.

In addition to ease of pronunciation, it’s also important to avoid basing your business name solely on SEO keywords. While having keywords in your business name can help with search engine visibility, it’s more crucial to have a name that is catchy, memorable, and accurately represents your values and brand image.

  1. Maids to Help
  2. Manic Maids
  3. Mop n’ Maid
  4. Perfectionism
  5. Pixie Dust Cleaners
  6. Time Mountain House Cleaning
  7. Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  8. Super Clean Services
  9. Washed Up Cleaning Service
  10. Green Liquid Cleaning Pros
  11. Dust Bunnies
  12. Floor to Ceiling
  13. Fresh Tech Maid
  14. Golden Standard
  15. Dirty Cleaning Service Drip
  16. Sure Cleaning Services
  17. Happy House Cleaners
  18. Better Cleaning Services
  19. Ready Maid Cleaning Services
  20. Bonded Building Cleaning
  21. Clean and Shine
  22. Clean Space
  23. Groove Cleaning Service
  24. Riches Cleaning Service
  25. Nooks & Crannies Cleaning
  26. Perfect Touch Cleaning
  27. Pro House Cleaning
  28. Queen Bee Cleaning Service
  29. Revolution Cleaners
  30. Shirley Clean Maids
  31. On-Time Cleaning Services
  32. Sparkle Home Cleaning Service
  33. Cinderella Cleaners
  34. Clean Berets
  35. Clearly Clean
  36. Squeaky Cleaners
  37. Deep Clean Office Team
  38. Mighty Maids
  39. New Cleaning Crew
  40. No More Dust Games
  41. Great Earth Cleaners
  42. Green Maid Services
  43. Sparkling Solutions
  44. The Spotless Squad
  45. Dust Down Services
  46. Clean & Clear Co
  47. Pure & Simple Cleaning
  48. Clean House Heroes
  49. The Dust Fairy
  50. Action Maids
  51. Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
  52. Companion Maids
  53. Deep Clean
  54. Dirtbusters
  55. Hygiene Machine
  56. Lean Mean Clean Machine
  57. Maids by Trade
  58. Perfectly Clean
  59. Perks Professional Cleaning Services
  60. Personal Touch
  61. Pro Clean
  62. Aftermath Services
  63. Blue Skies Services
  64. Carly’s Cleaning
  65. Clean Works For You
  66. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  67. Gettin’ Dirty Cleaning Service
  68. Immaculate Housekeeping
  69. Life is Maid
  70. The Orderly Maids

Cute Cleaning Company Names

  1. The Dust Downers
  2. Whistle While You Work Cleaning
  3. The Tidy Tycoons
  4. The Clean Crafters
  5. The Dust Dispatcher
  6. The Dust Defenders
  7. Clean & Classy Home Services
  8. The Clean Connection
  9. The Tidy Tribe
  10. The Clean Choice
  11. Clean & Cheerful Home Services
  12. The Cleaning Consultants
  13. The Clean Collective
  14. The Tidy Terrors
  15. Clean & Comfortable Home Services
  16. The Cleaning Companionship
  17. The Sparkle Squadron
  18. The Clean Crusade
  19. The Dust Downfall
  20. Clean & Cozy Home Services
  21. The Sparkle Syndicate
  22. The Clean Coalition
  23. Clean & Cool Home Services
  24. Clean & Convenient Home Services
  25. The Cleaning Command
  26. The Clean Company
  27. Clean & Cohesive Home Services
  28. The Cleaning Collaboration
  29. Clean & Carefree Home Services
  30. The Cleaning Cabal
  31. The Tidy Teamsters
  32. The Cleaning Clique
  33. The Dust Disruptors
  34. The Cleaning Consortium
  35. The Clean Confederation
  36. Clean & Clean Home Services
  37. The Cleaning Corporation
  38. The Dust Destroyers
  39. Clean & Clear-Cut Home Services
  40. The Tidy Troop
  41. Clean & Compact Home Services
  42. The Cleaning Community
  43. The Dust Disintegrators
  44. Clean & Complete Home Services
  45. The Cleaning Collaborators
  46. The Clean Conglomerate
  47. The Tidy Team
  48. Clean & Consistent Home Services
  49. The Cleaning Collective
  50. The Clean Community
  51. The Dust Deterrents
  52. Clean & Contemporary Home Services
  53. The Cleaning Confederation
  54. The Tidy Titans
  55. Clean & Comprehensive Home Services
  56. The Cleaning Caboodle
  57. The Dust Dispatchers
  58. Clean & Confident Home Services
  59. The Tidy Troopers
  60. Clean & Creative Home Services
  61. The Cleaning Cooperation
  62. The Sparkle Society
  63. The Dust Demons
  64. Clean & Careful Home Services
  65. The Cleaning Dreamers
  66. The Dust Darlings
  67. Clean & Cute Home Services
  68. The Tidy Treasurers
  69. The Cleaning Wizards
  70. The Sparkle Sprinklers

Cool Names For Cleaning Companies

  1. The Dust Dynamos
  2. The Tidy Tots
  3. The Cleaning Wonders
  4. The Dust Deities
  5. The Cleaning Whizzes
  6. The Sparkle Specter
  7. The Tidy Trotters
  8. The Cleaning Workforce
  9. The Sparkle Sprinters
  10. Clean & Casual Home Cleaners
  11. The Tidy Tricksters
  12. The Cleaning Wunderkinds
  13. Clean & Charming Home Cleaners
  14. The Cleaning Warriors
  15. The Sparkle Sprays
  16. The Dust Dilemmas
  17. Clean & Complete Home Cleaners
  18. The Tidy Treasures
  19. The Cleaning Wunderkammer
  20. Clean & Comprehensive House Cleaners
  21. The Cleaning Workhorses
  22. Clean & Cool Home Cleaners
  23. Clean & Crafty Home Cleaners
  24. The Cleaning Whiz-Kids
  25. The Sparkle Spectacle
  26. Clean & Convenient House Cleaners
  27. The Dust Disrupters
  28. Dashing Executive Cleaning Service
  29. Busy Mops House Cleaners
  30. Spiffy Shine Cleaning
  31. Buffed Cleaning Services
  32. Sweep Out House Cleaners
  33. The Clean Solution
  34. Down and Dirty Cleaning Service
  35. Drip N Dry
  36. Dust Buddies
  37. Feather Lady
  38. Freedom Clean
  39. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  40. Grime Busters Happy House Cleaners
  41. Heaven Scent House Cleaners
  42. Home Sweet Home Cleaners
  43. Professional Cleaning Services
  44. Queen of Clean
  45. Rainbow Cleaners
  46. Reflections Cleaning Company
  47. Rise ‘n Shine
  48. Select Cleaning Service
  49. Softtouch Supremeklene
  50. Sparkle Aplenty
  51. The Cleaning Trust
  52. The Complete Cleaning
  53. The Cleaning Brigade
  54. Just Clean Life
  55. Krazy Klean
  56. I-Shine
  57. You Have it Maid
  58. We’ve Got Maid
  59. White Glove Maid Service
  60. Your Panes are Our Pleasure
  61. Royal Maid Service
  62. Sparkle A Plenty
  63. Sparkle Cleaners
  64. Suds in the Bucket
  65. The Clean Thumb Maid Service
  66. Thorough Clean
  67. Tidy Shines
  68. Twinkle Time
  69. Two Maids and a Mop
  70. Pleasin’ Polish
  71. You, Me & Maid Cleaning Services

How To Pick A Cleaning Company Name Exercise

Cleaning Company Names - How To Pick A Cleaning Company Name

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To pick a name for your business, I would recommend using the cleaning terms such as clean, cleaning, maid, or maids in the name. This helps with brand recognition and search engine optimization.

Take out a piece of paper or pull up a spreadsheet and put your cleaning terms in 4 columns at the top: clean, cleaning, maid, and maids.

Next, pull up thesaurus.com for help with synonyms and a domain name registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or BlueHost to check if your business domain name is available to register.

The best way to come up with names is just to think about catchy names or phrases that go along with your cleaning terms.

For example, with the term “clean” in your first column, start thinking of words that could go along with clean, such as happyclean, cleantime, itsclean, etc. Then do this for your remaining cleaning terms.

You can also use thesaurus.com to help come up with other words or phrases that are similar to the word that you have thought of.

Register Your Business And Website Name

Cleaning Company Names - Benefits of Registering Your Company Name

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Before you start searching for domain name availability, I would start with your favorite names and search for those first.

After you have come up with a decent list of potential names, pull up your GoDaddy, Namecheap, or BlueHost tab and start searching to see if those names are available.

Also, it is very important to make sure the .com version of your name is available. This is the go-to TLD. Every other extension could look unprofessional.

Insert the names as one word (like maidtime) into the GoDaddy, Namecheap, or BlueHost search bar to verify availability.

If the name you want is already taken, try taking the word you matched with your cleaning term and throw it into thesaurus.com to see if there are any other names you can use instead to go along with your cleaning term.

If the name you entered into GoDaddy, Namecheap, or BlueHost is available as a .com domain name, then congratulations! Your cleaning company name is available for registration.

Before registering your new domain name, do a Google search with your new business name to see what comes up on the first page. This ensures there are no very similar business names that would compete with you or confuse website searchers.

Also, run your new domain name into whois.com to make sure your domain name was not previously owned. If it was, there could be search engine trust issues with Google and I would recommend going with another name.

After you select your new domain name and verify it’s available, you will still need to go down to your local Register of Deeds office if registering a sole proprietorship or the Secretary of State website for your state if you are registering an LLC to make sure your cleaning service name is available.

Since domain names are pretty cheap, I would go ahead and register the domain name right away so no one else registers it. If the domain is available, there is a good chance that the business name will also be available.

If not, you can always cancel and not renew the domain name.


There you have it, a whopping 351 cleaning company names to choose from. If you’re in the market for a unique cleaning business name, the options are endless. Whether you’re all about the suds, love to get down and dirty, or just want to leave everything sparkling clean, there’s a name for you.

From “The Dust Busters” to “Suds n’ Duds,” there’s a name for every type of cleaning enthusiast. But whatever you choose, just remember, it should reflect the high level of cleanliness you provide. So go ahead, pick your favorite, and make the world a cleaner place, one spotless surface at a time.

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Disclosure: Some of these links may be affiliate links, so I may get a commission if you purchase. These are resources that I used or recommend.

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