Cleaning Business Websites

Setting up a cleaning business is a great way to obtain new customers and to inform them about your services. It gives your business credibility and shows professionalism in the eye of the potential customer.

Before deciding on your cleaning business name, I would suggest that you make sure there is a domain name available that matches the name of your business. For example, say your business name is Yellow Maids, you would want to register the domain name

Here are 4 steps to Creating Your Website

  • Pick your website/domain name and register it with a domain name provider. I register my domains with a domain name registrar. You can also register your domain name with the website hosting provider you plan to have your website on. Although, if you decide to change hosting providers, it is easier to have your domain registered with a domain name registrar than a hosting provider so all you have to do is point the domain to the new hosting company.
  • Choosing a website hosting provider to host your website on.As mentioned above, the web hosting provider is the company that hosts your domain/website. There are many hosting providers available.
  • Start coming up with and writing down the information about your services that you will put on your website. You can research cleaning businesses in your area on Google to get an idea of what information you should include.
  • Decide if you will have someone create and manage your website for you or if you will do it yourself. If you plan on putting together your own website, I would recommend using WordPress. It is a CMS platform that runs your website design. I run Cleaning Business Academy and my cleaning company website, All Clean Home, on WordPress.

If this seems overwhelming for you or you don’t have the time to figure out how to create a website, then you will probably want to have someone else create and manage the site for you. This can save you a lot of time and frustration over the long run.

What I have learned since being a cleaning owner is that your time is precious and your time equals money.

Your number one goal should be to obtain new customers.

If you are not on a time crunch or have plenty of money lying around, then you could spend the time learning how to create and manage your own website. You also have to determine if you have the patience or even want to bother with all of the technical stuff that comes with managing a website.

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  1. Keshia says

    Do you have any suggestions on marketing your business? Or what you should put on your website if you are a new business? Also have you ever heard of the janitorial store? Is that a good place to become a member of?

    • Josh Winningham says

      HI Keshia, yes that janitorial store is a great resource for commercial cleaning. Steve and Jean Hanson are will known in the cleaning industry. I would first start of with letting people you know on facebook/twitter, etc. that you have a cleaning business. Also you can set up a schedule to pass out flyers/business cards in areas you want to clean in. For your website, put a picture of yourself and/or your cleaners tell your customer a little bit about yourself or cleaners and provide a list of the areas you clean. And what value you can provide to your customer.

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